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Funded under Horizon Europe framework during the period 06/2022 – 05/2025. Ref: 101057978 —  HORIZON-EIC-2021-TRANSITIONOPEN-01.


Proteins are not only one of life’s main building blocks, but also key tools for many industrial applications, ranging from drug discovery and diagnostics to chemical production processes. The main limitation of proteins is their low stability at non-physiological conditions, as they are commonly required in industrial, medical and biotechnological processes. Consequently, proteins often loose their structural integrity and thus their activity under application-relevant conditions. There are thousands of proteins with large potential, for instance in the context of protein targets related to diseases with high unmet need, point-of-care diagnostics and therapeutic proteins. However, many cannot be utilized due to a lack of generally applicable technologies that allow straight-forward and meaningful protein stabilization. To address the challenges associated with protein stabilization, a versatile technology overcoming costly, time-consuming and uncertain trial-and-error approaches is required. The INCYPROnext project aims to provide a universal solution to the stabilization of proteins for biotechnological and biomedical applications. In the frame of the ERC PoC project, INCYPRO, we have developed a radically new technology for stabilizing proteins that has been validated in lab. Our innovation combines structural and molecular biology as well as chemistry to provide a highly effective and efficient technology for the stabilization of a broad range of proteins that are currently impossible to stabilize, delivering minimally modified proteins with a highly stabilized structure and retained functionality. This is an ideal value proposition to play a key role in a growing market, which can allow us to both offer B2B services to customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, research and industrial processes segments, as well as to start our own internal drug discovery and development pipeline. In this EIC Transition project, we will validate the INCYPRO technology on a range of different proteins in a real operating environment (TRL5).


Incircular B.V.

International Institute of

Molecular and Cell Biology